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NFTs as Technology. NFTs as Asset Class.
Maker of the Diverse Dots.

Blockchain technology is the enabler of the decentralized internet of value, Web 3.0. Decentralization is at the core of the ongoing disruption of everything. NFTs are the mass adoption moment for crypto and everything will be an NFT.


BLDRMKR [BuilderMaker] is a platform for building and shaping Web 3.0 with a focus on applying blockchain technology for companies. We not only use NFTs for branding / marketing, but also to create or transform business models.

Blockchains & Smart Contracts

We are building and making on the Ethereum and Algorand blockchains. Ethereum is the open-source blockchain with most users and transactions.
Algorand is a climate neutral blockchain. Besides on Ethereum and Algorand, we are able to deploy on almost any blockchain, e.g. Solana, BSC, Fantom, etc.

What we offer

NFTs. Community Building. Smart Contracts and Web 3.0 Strategy. We support your company by bringing you "on-chain". We will help you explore the possibilities and opportunities of NFTs and Web 3.0 in individually tailored exploration and strategy workshops. Together, we will explore if a Web 3.0 strategy makes sense for you and identify potential quick wins. With our focus on blockchain applications, we go beyond NFTs for marketing only. We will engineer your Web 3.0 strategy, make use of smart contracts to achieve the desired utilities for your actions and always consider sustainability.

Coding and building

Exploration &
Strategy Workshop

Tailored workshops for companies to explore NFTs and Web 3.0 and how to make it work

Strategy &

Transform and create business models with blockchains and NFTs. NFTs as technology

Web 3.0 Crypto &

For semi-professional & professional investors. NFTs as asset class. No investment offering or advice on this website.

We are BLDRMKR. Web 3.0 Builders & Makers.

NFTs. Smart Contracts. Web 3.0.

hello [at] bldrmkr.io

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